Posted: Jul 19, 2021

Team Member

Autobell Car Wash - Suwanee, GA
Salary: $7.25 - $12.00 Hourly
Application Deadline: Sep 30, 2021
Motor Vehicle


  • Entrance End of Car Wash.  
  • Vacuum vehicle floors and seats as well as removes trash and debris from floorboards.  
  • Maintain a clean and organized work environment by sweeping debris and trash that may have fallen out of vehicles. 
  • Guides ride thru customers onto the conveyor belt and provides them with proper auditory and visual directions on how to place their vehicle into neutral/accessory mode 
  • Communicates with customers and helps to direct them to the next step in the wash process 
  • Maintains a safe work environment by executing safe driving procedure and proper loading of vehicle on moving conveyor belt 
  • Exit End of the Car Wash.   
  • Drives vehicles out of the exit end of the car wash and to the detail area while using safe driving procedure.  
  • Safely directs ride-thru customers from exit end with auditory and visual directions. 
  • Detail Area.   
  • Through use of manual dexterity and bodily coordination team members will execute Autobell’s procedures while being aware of any vehicles moving on the detail lot. 
  • Interior - Performs an array of cleaning tasks on the vehicle’s interior, including but not limited to the following: vacuuming, cleaning windows, consoles, door panels, floor mats, and dashboard. 
  • Exterior – Wipes the exterior of the vehicle through execution of Autobell’s wipe down procedure. Towel dries the vehicle’s exterior, door jams, and rims.  
  • Team members will use vacuums, towels, cleaning agents, and protective agents to enhance and restore the vehicle’s appearance. 
  • Other  
  • Ensures delivery to proper owner through adherence of claim check policy and procedures.  
  • Communicates with customers and provides excellent customer service. 
  • Reports problems related to customers, employees, equipment, and supplies to management. 
  • Maintains a neat personal appearance and presents himself/herself in a favorable manner to the public. 
  • Greets all customers with “Welcome to Autobell!”  
  • Housekeeping. 
  • Carries out assigned duties to keep the car wash clean and attractive. 
  • Cleans store lot, lobby, offices, restrooms, and equipment. 
  • Sweeps, mops, cleans windows, cleans restrooms, restocks general supplies, empties trash, and sprays the bay with hose.